Food & Drinks

Andalucía, like all the regions of Spain, has developed over the years a huge variety of local dishes. Being such a hot region it’s not surprising that it is home to gazpacho. (a cold tomato soup well known now throughout Europe), but you will be surprised, just how many other cold soups are on offer – and all equally delicious. With the 900kms of coastline, taking in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, fish is always well represented on menus. Andalucía’s exceptional climate also makes year round harvesting possible and there is an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables.

There is a whole culture surrounding the word tapas, which originally comes from Sevilla. The word tapa, means “cover”, and originally comes from the small plates used to cover food on the bars so that the flies didn’t get on them. The range of tapas is literally enormous. You can ask for a tapa of anything you can see on the bar or the menu and you will be given a small plate of it. This is great for trying out some of the rices and regional dishes before you order a whole plate. Tapear, is most usually done at aperitivo time before lunch or even instead of lunch. Every town and city in Andalucía will have its tapas, area, full of small bars.

Drinks are usually a caña, (small beer) or a fino, (dry sherry) or a vermut, (vermouth). Very popular and refreshing for the locals is a drink called tinto de verano, (literally summer red wine), made with ice, red wine and sparkling water.